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Facebook advertising for insurance agencies is a great way for insurance agents to reach a big audience with their ads. Let’s know why?

Why Should Insurance agents use Facebook for Advertising?

The best part about Facebook ads for insurance agents is that you can target well the audience who are interested in what you’re offering. 

Did you know that around 28% of millennials and 29% of baby boomers use the internet to shop for insurance?

And guess what?

A lot of them are hanging out on Instagram and Facebook.

About 71.9% of Facebook users are adults aged 18 to 44 📈  That’s a bunch of folks who might need insurance for their family, cars, homes, or rentals. So, if someone’s looking for affordable insurance, your Facebook ad or your Instagram insurance ads could be the first thing they see when they’re browsing online.

And guess what? It’s not too expensive either. Of course, the cost might vary depending on where you’re located and how well your ads work. But generally, Insurance Facebook ads are a pretty affordable way to reach potential customers.

If you’re a health or any kind of insurance agent seeking high-intent leads from Facebook, this blog will help you to run Facebook advertising for insurance agents. Let’s dive in and plan your advertising success 😊

How To Do Facebook Advertising for Insurance Agents

Here’s the step by step detailed explaination to help you run Facebook ads for life insurance or any kind of insurance you’re selling –

Step 1: Create an Insurance Facebook Ad and set up Campaign

So you’re ready to start your insurance Facebook ads? Awesome! The first step is to open a dedicated business account. 

Now, let’s talk about creating an ad campaign with Ads Manager. To access the Ads Manager, you first need to have a Facebook Business Page.

Once you enter the Ads Manager, you will find four primary tabs: Account Overview, Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads.

These tabs are where you’ll manage all aspects of your ad campaigns.

insurance facebook ads to get started by ads manager

To kick off creating an ad, you’ll start by setting up a campaign. Simply click on the Campaigns tab, then hit the green Create button to begin.

From there, you’ll be guided through the process of creating your ad campaign step by step. Once you get started,  It’s pretty straightforward once you dive in, and you’ll find plenty of data and tools at your disposal to help you along the way.

Facebook Advertising for Insurance Agents -setting up a campaign

So, get ready to unleash the power of Facebook advertising and begin targeting your desired demographic with your ads! 🎯

Let’s start doing Facebook advertising for insurance agents .First start with the campaign objectives, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, or generating leads.🚀

Step 2: Define Your Marketing Objective 🎯

Facebook Ads are super handy because you can customize them to fit different goals you have in mind allowing you to achieve tailored results that yield a positive ROI.

  • Conversion: This is all about convincing people to buy something from you, whether it’s visiting your store, making a purchase, or checking out your catalog.
  • Consideration: This one is about getting folks interested in what you’re offering. You can drive engagement, send traffic to your website, start conversations, get more views on your videos, encourage app installs, or generate leads.
  • Awareness: Here, the goal is to get people interested in your product or what you’re talking about. It’s all about reaching as many folks as possible and making them aware of your brand.

Each objective comes with sub-categories tailored to different stages of your target audience’s funnel. These sub-categories simplify the selection process, helping you choose the best option for your Facebook insurance ad campaigns.

For example, when you go with the “Engagement” goal in Facebook ad for insurance agents, Facebook walks you through some extra customization options. One of these cool features is the ability to run a split test.

With a split test, you can experiment with different ad strategies on different groups of people. It’s like having a mini lab where you can fine-tune your targeting and messaging to make sure your ads hit the mark every time. It’s a smart way to figure out what works best for your insurance business and to maximize your chances of success.

Facebook ad for insurance agents -Split test

Now, Let’s take another example of Lead Generation Objective. Give your Facebook ad campaign a name and decide whether to run an A/B split test. You, also have the option to enable budget optimization. While this can be useful for managing various ad settings, we recommend that novices leave it turned off for now.

You can set your campaign budget and end date of the campaign (in case you’re planning a limited time offer), giving you more control over your spending while still achieving your desired conversion outcomes. 

life insurance facebook ads-campaign budget

When you set a budget for Facebook advertising for insurance agents, your expenses won’t exceed that amount. This ensures that you receive conversions that align with your budget and helps you manage your advertising costs effectively. 💰

Step 3: Define your Target Audience 🎯👥

You might be thinking about how to get leads for insurance sales. As an insurance agent, the next step is to determine the desired action from your target audience. Do you want them to visit your website to learn more about your insurance policies, download your app for easy access to quotes and services, or initiate a conversation with you via Messenger for personalized assistance?

In this stage of campaign setup, there are two options.:

  • Create a new Facebook target audience.
  • Use the saved audience.
campaign setup for Facebook ads for insurance agents

As an insurance agent, you may select who sees your Facebook ads for insurance agents based on where they are located, their age (middle-aged or older), whether they are men or women, and whether they own a home, own a business, or enjoy traveling.

Below is an example demonstrating how to get leads for insurance sales for different types of insurance policies using Facebook ads for insurance agents:

Campaign Example 1: Auto or Motor Insurance

As an Insurance Agent for Motor or cars, you can have two ad sets based on different target audience-

Ad set 1:  Car owners (24-35 age Group)

For Example, aiming our ads at young folks aged 24-35 living in cities who drive often and want to make sure their wheels are covered with insurance. This group is perfect because they’re usually using cars or bikes regularly, which means they’re likely thinking about getting insured.

Campaign Example based on different target audience

Ad set 2: Car owners (35-45 age group)

So if you are thinking about how to run car insurance ads on Facebook. Here’s an example for you. We’re focusing on the 30-45 age group because they often have families and are likely to require car insurance. This demographic is ideal as they prioritize safeguarding their loved ones while on the road, making them a strategic audience to target.

You can get your campaign running for these two audiences for one month. After that, you’ll be in a position to analyze what age group got you the quality leads and on lower CPC (cost per click).

Now, let’s move on to the home insurance facebook ads example.

Campaign Example 2: Insurance For Homeowners

Ad set 1 : Homeowners aged 30-50

For Example, targeting married couples aged 30-50 who own homes in suburban or rural areas. This age group is particularly important because they’re likely to own a home and may need insurance to prevent any damages or losses.

Campaign Example-Insurance For Homeowners

Ad set 2: First-Time Homebuyers aged 29-35

For Example, consider targeting individuals aged 29-35 who recently bought their first home in urban or suburban areas. It’s crucial to reach out to them because as new homeowners, they may not have insurance yet. They’re to be benefitted from tailored insurance solutions that protect their new investment and belongings.

Let’s take another example of Commercial Insurance Broker

Ad Set 1: Business Owners (28-55)

This age group, spanning from 28 to 55, typically includes individuals who are actively engaged in entrepreneurship or small business ownership. They are likely to have established businesses or be in the process of building their and ventures. 

Ad Set -Business Owners for insurance facebook ads

Targeting this demographic ensures that our ads reach those who are most likely to recognize the importance of commercial insurance in safeguarding their businesses against various risks such as liability claims, property damage, or business interruption.

Ad Set 2: Non-Business Audience (28-38)

Individuals in the age range of 28 to 38 are often at a stage in life where they may be considering starting a business or have recently embarked on entrepreneurial ventures. However, they may not yet have established businesses or may be employed in non-business roles.

By targeting this group, we aim to capture those who may not currently own businesses but are potential future business owners. Additionally, individuals in this age range are more likely to have been car owners for a longer period, increasing the likelihood that they already have car insurance. Therefore, they may be more receptive to considering additional insurance products such as commercial insurance for their future business endeavors.

insurance Facebook ads target audience

Insurance Facebook Ads

Ad Set 1: Parents with Young Children Age group (30-45)

For example, you can consider targeting parents who have young children because they want to make sure their family is safe and financially stable. That’s why we’re focusing on them. We want to show them how important it is to have health insurance for themselves and their family. Facebook ads for health insurance can help parents protect their loved ones and provide peace of mind in case of any unexpected medical expenses.

Ad Set 2: Audience with Age Group 45+ for Retirement Planning

People around 45 and above are at a stage in life where they may be considering retirement planning, health coverage to live their life peacefully.

By targeting this age group, we aim to offer them tailored insurance solutions that address their specific needs and concerns as they navigate their golden years.

With Insurance Facebook ad campaigns, we can ensure that they have access to comprehensive coverage options that protect their health, finances, and loved ones as they transition into retirement.

Targeted Audience with Age Group 45+ for Facebook ads for health insurance

Step 4: Create Facebook Ad Creatives for Insurance Services

When you create Facebook Advertising for your insurance agency, you’re competing not just with other advertisers for your target audience’s time and attention, but also with all of the other photographs, videos, and posts in their feed.

You need material that Advertising for insurance on Facebook matches your brand but also resonates with the target demographic you’ve chosen.

1. Video Ads

Hey there, fellow insurance agents! Wondering how to boost your sales game using Facebook ads?

Well, let’s dive right in!

For example, Imagine this – your customer is scrolling through their Instagram or Facebook feed, and bam! Your catchy video ad pops up. That’s the magic of Facebook advertising for insurance agencies.

Now, you might be thinking, “How do I even start advertising insurance on Facebook?” Simple. Video ads! They’re like mini-movies that grab attention instantly. You can tell stories, explain policies, and show why insurance matters—all in one shot.

Check out this incredible video ad from one of our clients, Grover Care, promoting maternity health insurance. The results have been phenomenal!

Let me tell one thing, People love stories. Use that to your advantage. Share real-life scenarios, address common worries, and offer solutions. That’s how you connect with your audience on a personal level.

So, there you have it. With engaging video ads, you can turn Facebook into your lead-generation machine..📹💼

2. Traffic ads

Traffic advertising for insurance on Facebook are ideal for insurance agents. They help to increase interest in your insurance services and make your brand more visible.

Here’s how it operates:

  • Facebook allows you to choose who sees your ads. You can target people depending on their age, location, income, and even their interests. This ensures that your advertisements reach the people who are most likely to need insurance.

For Example: Let’s say you want to target young adults in cities who are thinking about purchasing health insurance. Facebook allows you to do just that.

  • Use interesting photographs or videos, and produce content that entices readers to learn more about your insurance. Your advertisements must attract people’s attention.
creative for traffic advertising insurance on Facebook

For Example: Imagine a bright ad with a smiling family and a message saying, “Protect Your Loved Ones with Our Affordable Life Insurance!”.Here’s an Ad from one of our Clients “Grover Care” aimed to generate leads 

  • When people click on your ads, they should be directed to your website’s landing page, where they can easily request a quote or further information.

For example, you could develop a page on your website dedicated solely to vehicle insurance or just for car insurance. People who click on your car insurance ad will land there and find everything they need to know.

Here’s an example from one of our clients, Grover Care, specializing in car insurance.

Car insurance ad example for advertising insurance on Facebook
  • Sometimes, people check out your site but don’t do anything. That’s where retargeting comes in. Facebook helps you show ads to these people again, reminding them to come back and finish signing up for insurance.

Example: Someone clicks on your home insurance ad but leaves your site before signing up. With retargeting, they’ll see more ads about home insurance, encouraging them to come back and complete the process.

We will be talking about retargeting and how to do that later in this article so stay tuned…

Using Facebook traffic ads smartly can help insurance agents get lots of interested people looking for insurance, which can lead to more sales and success for your business.🚗🏠

3. Lead Generation Ads

Lead ads offer a remarkable opportunity for insurance agents, particularly if their website is outdated. With lead ads, you can efficiently gather contact information directly from Facebook, eliminating the need for users to leave the platform.

They can simply click on the ‘Get a Quote’ or ‘Talk to us now’ button, instantly prompted to provide details such as their name, email, or phone number – whichever is relevant to your offer (keep it streamlined!). 

One notable advantage of lead ads is the pre-population of certain form fields, leveraging existing user information on Facebook to streamline the sign-up process further.

tip to get genuine leads from Facebook marketing for insurance agents

You can create a lead form like the one below:

Lead Generation Ads for facebook advertising for insurance agents

For Example, Here’s an ad from one of our clients, “Grover Care,” aimed to generate leads. These advertisements are particularly beneficial for insurance agents since they allow people to simply contact you or request a quote without hesitation, providing an effortless way for customers to connect with insurance agents

ad from one of our clients
Clients advertising insurance on facebook

The screenshot below displays the successful ad campaigns run by our client, “Grover Care,” showcasing their effective targeting of specific audiences.

"Grover Care," aimed to generate leads with life insurance Facebook ads

You can Schedule a Quick Call and get an expert consultation from our team on Facebook advertisement for your insurance company.

Step 5: Run Retargeting Facebook Ads To Maximize Results

Here’s the secret Sauce for the success of FB Ad for Insurance Broker: Get back to the people who interacted with your Ads or visited the website but didn’t convert! 

So for example, You’ve been using Facebook ads for insurance agents to generate leads for your insurance firm. Now it’s time to utilize data from those campaigns for remarketing.

Instead of focusing solely on generating new leads, consider targeting those who have previously expressed interest in your insurance but have yet to sign up. We’re talking about those who have visited your website or perhaps began filling out a form but did not finish. 

Not everyone who sees your ad will immediately buy any insurance plans. That’s very natural. But this is where the magic happens: retargeting. It’s like giving those potential customers a small nudge to remind them of your fantastic insurance products.

📊 Here’s how simply you can do it:

Setup Custom Audiences:

  • Create a group for those who have visited your website’s landing page.
  • Create another group for people who visited the landing page but did not complete the form.

The objective is to Display adverts to those who visited the landing page but did not fill out the form.

Create Remarketing Campaign:

Now, when you’re retargeting, use a different ad than the first one they saw. You can include some testimonials from satisfied clients, share videos of how your insurance has helped others, or include some additional bonuses to sweeten the bargain.

By doing so, you give those potential clients another time to assess your insurance and, perhaps, close the deal. So, get ready to supercharge your insurance business with savvy Facebook advertising for insurance agents.📈

Prerequisite of Doing Facebook Advertising for Insurance Agents

Before planning Facebook advertising for your insurance service, there are some essential things to have in place.

📒Here’s an overview of what you’ll need:

1. Create a specialized Facebook Page for your business.

  • Make sure it is separate from your personal account.
  • Consider having many administrators for simpler management.

2. Define your Facebook ad campaign goal and select a budget

  • Log into your Facebook Page and go to Ads Manager.
  • Select an objective, such as awareness, lead generation, or conversion.
  • Set a daily or lifetime budget for your campaign.

3. Plan your landing page or instant form.

  • Determine whether to use an external landing page or Facebook’s Lead Generation feature.
  • Create a form with questions specific to your insurance services.
  • Include links to your Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy on both the form and landing page.

4. Check the picture dimensions for your posts or advertisements.

  • Ensure that your photographs fulfill Facebook’s criteria to avoid distortion in people’s feeds or stories.
  • Use apps like Canva to resize and download photos.
  • Follow Facebook’s picture guidelines to avoid ad rejection.

5. Set up the Facebook Pixel

  • Install the Facebook Pixel on your website or app to execute profitable advertising on the Meta platform.
  • Pixel monitors visitor activity on your website and allows you to build bespoke audiences based on certain actions.
  • Use retargeting methods that are specific to your marketing funnel demands.

By addressing these conditions, you’ll be well-positioned to launch profitable Facebook advertising for insurance agency business. Our Facebook ad management services fulfill your needs with the right kind of campaigns that reflect your brand.

Time to Get Started With Your Facebook Advertising for Insurance Agent Business

Are you ready to take your insurance agency to the next level?  🚀

This detailed blog on Facebook advertising for insurance agents is your golden ticket to reaching a broader audience and boosting your business. 

By tapping into the power of Facebook advertising for insurance agents, you can target specific demographics ensuring your message reaches those who need it most. Plus, with customizable ad objectives like conversions or lead generation, you can tailor your campaigns to meet your business goals.

This latest blog proves that setting up Facebook advertising for insurance agents is easier than you think. With step-by-step guidance through Ads Manager, you can create eye-catching ads in no time. And don’t forget about retargeting – reminding those who’ve shown interest in your services to come back and seal the deal.

So why wait? Start transforming your Facebook advertising for the insurance agent business today. Reach more potential clients, generate leads, and watch your business grow like never before. 

Reach out to us today and discover how you can create impactful advertisements for your Insurance broker business.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can promote various insurance products such as life insurance Facebook ads, health insurance, auto insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and more. Tailor your ads to highlight the benefits and coverage options of each specific insurance product for Facebook as well as Instagram insurance ads.

To create effective Facebook advertising for insurance agents, start by identifying your target audience, crafting compelling ad copy and visuals, and including a clear call-to-action. Utilize Facebook's targeting options to reach specific demographics and track the performance of your ads to optimize for better results.
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