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Well, when it comes to promoting hotels through digital channels, there’s no denying the power of advertisements. And among the various platforms available, Facebook advertising for hotels stands out as a popular choice.😊

Facebook offers a fantastic opportunity to showcase your hotel and drive bookings through targeted ads. It’s a great way to connect with potential guests and showcase what your property has to offer. 🏨

Why You Should Do Meta (Facebook) Advertising for hotels?

Before we talk about how to run meta Ads for hotel industry, let’s know why Meta platform is crucial to get your hotels book?🤔

Facebook has over 1.6 billion users, and Instagram has over 2.4 billion monthly active users.📈 So you have a better chance of reaching the proper audience if you create the right campaign. Over 6 million businesses use Facebook ads to reach their target audiences.

On the other side, hotels that do not use Facebook risk losing 18-25% of their potential earnings.

As a result, running hotel Facebook ads, or at least testing them to see how they might drive reservations and ultimately increase revenue, is critical for understanding how to get leads for my hotel business.👍

How to do Facebook Marketing for Hotels🏨

Step 1: Create a Facebook Ad Account and Set up a Campaign🎯

So, if you want to promote your hotel’s Facebook ads, the first step is to create an account. Personal accounts are wonderful, but having a specialized business account provides your hotel with an extra level of professionalism.

Begin by creating a Hotel Facebook Ads page exclusively for your property. This website will not only display your spot, but it will also get you access to the Facebook Business Suite dashboard.

facebook marketing for hotel Ads Manager Dashboard

Once you’re in your dashboard, click the ‘Create Ad’ option to begin your ad campaign. Here’s where the fun begins: you may customize your campaign with a variety of settings. In addition, you can manage all of your hotel’s assets, catalogs, and invoices from one convenient location.📍

Now, create your Facebook advertising for hotels account and launch your campaign. Begin by logging into Facebook Business Manager with your business email address.📧

Dashboard setup Facebook advertising for hotels

Ad Manager is only a click away. When you hit the three lines in the corner, a menu will appear. Choose Ad Manager from there…

Inside the Ad Manager, there’s a treasure mine of features waiting for you to discover. When you’re ready to launch a new campaign, simply click the “Create Ad” button, and off you go. It will guide you through the process step by step, ensuring that you are fully prepared to reach your target audience like a pro. 😎

Step 2: Define Your Marketing Objective 🎯

When creating your Facebook advertising for hotels, one of the most important things is outlining your marketing objectives. As hoteliers, our primary objective typically revolves around driving conversions – in other words, getting people to book rooms after interacting with our ad content. Understanding how to obtain leads for a hotel business is essential. This knowledge is key to maximizing the effectiveness of our advertising efforts.

As you go through the process, you’ll find that Facebook advertising for hotels offers a variety of marketing objectives to pick from. These choices include enhancing brand exposure, targeting certain audiences, and even generating video views. However, for us, the focus is on conversions because our final success is determined by the number of reservations we get through our advertising efforts.

campaign for Facebook advertising for hotels

After choosing the “Conversions” goal, the platform walks you through additional customization options. For example, you can choose to run a split test, which lets you test out different ad strategies across different audience segments. This approach is especially helpful for fine-tuning your Facebook targeting for hotels and messaging strategies to maximize effectiveness.

Once you’ve selected the “Conversions” goal, the platform guides you through further customization options. For instance, you can opt to conduct a split test, allowing you to experiment with different ad approaches across distinct audience segments. This method is particularly useful for refining your Facebook targeting for hotels and messaging strategies to maximize effectiveness.

In addition, you can optimize your campaign budget. Enabling this function ensures that your advertising budget stays within your specified restrictions. Setting a budget allows you to better control your spending while still obtaining the required conversion results. To guarantee that your advertising strategy is effective, you must strike the correct balance between investment and profits. If you’re wondering how to get leads for my hotel business, using these budget optimization techniques can help you improve your whole marketing plan.

life insurance facebook ads-campaign budget

When you set a budget for Facebook advertising for hotels, your expenses will not exceed that amount. As a result, you will receive conversions that are appropriate for your budget.

Step 3: Target Your Potential Audience

As you’re in the hotel business. The next step is to decide where you want to bring the conversion for your hotel facebook ads. Do you want visitors to go to your website, download your app, or text you on Messenger?

In this stage of campaign setup, there are two options.:

  • Create a new Facebook target audience.
  • Use the saved audience.

Custom or lookalike audiences are another incredibly effective targeting strategy for you. With custom audiences, you may generate audiences based on your website traffic using the Facebook Pixel. 

As you are in the Hotel business while defining an audience for hotel Facebook ads, you can specify its geography, age, gender, and even language. 

You can choose whether your ad will be displayed in one or more countries, as well as the age and gender of your target audience.

For example, if you are a hotel owner, to attract youngsters you can choose ages 21 and up. To attract families, you can target married status and ages above 28, effectively narrowing down your audience.

Real-life Example of Hotel Business Targeting

Suppose you as a XYZ hotel owner in Amsterdam want travelers to book rooms. Here’s how you can make ad sets to get results –

Ad Set 1: Generic Ad :-Targeting Cities with High Visitor Traffic🎯🌆

This generic ad aims to capture the attention of travelers visiting busy cities. We want to get their attention and make them interested in staying at our luxury hotels all over the world. In this ad set, we will mainly focus on the Young Crowd Ad.

facebook advertising for luxury hotel Ad set Example
  • Facebook ad set targeting cities or countries such as London, Paris, and New York, where Amsterdam receives significant visitors
facebook advertising for hotels for detail targeting
  • Focus on individuals interested in travel, hotels, resorts, international travel, sightseeing, cruises, and luxury lifestyles.
  • Target the age group of 32 to 50, as they are typically prime for international travel.
  • Utilize specific interests and demographics to narrow down the audience effectively.
Detail targeting for hotel Facebook ads
Ad set 2:- Young Crowd set 😎👥

Consider creating a second ad set targeting younger demographics in major cities worldwide.

  • Location Targeting: Target major cities worldwide, including Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris, Mumbai, Melbourne, Dubai, and Singapore.
  • Demographic Audience: Focus on individuals interested in music festivals, Tomorrowland, parties, clubs, EDC music festivals, events, frequent international travelers, and luxury lifestyles.
  • Potential Age Range: Set between 25-40, as this demographic is most likely to visit Amsterdam to attend music festivals, aligning with the vibrant atmosphere of the city’s cultural events.

The screenshot below shows how to target the audience based on age and demographics 

Luxury Hotel Chain Throughout India

This campaign would be focused on facebook advertising for deluxe hotels. The motive behind using this ad set targeting young couples is to target those who are highly inclined towards luxury vacations.Targeting young couples allows us to highlight our luxury accommodations tailored to their preferences. This focused marketing approach effectively communicates our unique hotel features and offerings, maximizing appeal and memorable experiences.

Ad Set 1: Targeting Young Couples

For this ad set, the focus is on capturing the interest of young couples seeking luxury vacations. 

By narrowing the age range to include individuals actively involved in travel, hotels, resorts, and luxury lifestyles, aged between 25-40, we aim to attract this demographic interested in experiencing premium accommodations during their stays.

Facebook advertising for luxury hotel with targeted audience
  • For example, Facebook advertising for luxury hotel chains in India can target a larger population interested in premium tourism.
facebook marketing for hotel targeting age and

Ad Set 2: Targeting Families

Here, we aim to attract families planning vacations and seeking comfortable accommodations. By targeting individuals aged 25-58, who are typically planning family trips

We increase the chances of engaging with those seeking luxury hotel options. This strategy helps us connect with families looking for memorable and comfortable stays at our hotels in India’s metro cities.

facebook advertising for hotels

To further refine targeting, the luxury hotel marketing agency can aim at individuals interested in luxury travel, lifestyle, resorts, or tourism

Step 4: Create an awesome Hotel Facebook Ad

When it comes to creating Facebook advertising for hotels and getting leads for my hotel business, the first step is to choose a format. Facebook offers a few options: The carousel displays a single image or video. Collections, image sets, and even current articles can be promoted, making them suitable for events or collaborations.

Once you’ve decided on a framework, it’s time to choose the visuals. You can select photographs, movies, or create a slideshow. Just make sure they’re eye-catching and relevant to your advertising goals.

Headline and Ad preview for hotel facebook ads

Simple, right? Let’s get started on crafting your fantastic ad!

Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Lead generation ads are an excellent approach for Facebook advertising for hotels to collect high-quality leads, whether for an email database or reservation requests. As a real “top of funnel” ad type, combining this format with intelligent targeting is an excellent approach to reaching potential guests before they have decided on a hotel.

Here is an example of the Peery Lane hotel’s facebook ads with a proper call to action button and special offers to attract customers

When creating Facebook advertising for hotels, you will be able to include a form in Facebook Ads Manager that visitors can complete. The form is simple to develop and has multiple options for collecting various types of data.

The form includes a greeting area in which you should convey the benefits of signing up, the list the guest is joining, a background image, and pre-filled questions such as email, full name, and city. You can also create custom questions that are more relevant to your product.

facebook targeting for hotels for lead generation

Facebook Traffic Ads

  • Giveaways and contests are powerful strategies to engage people and collect email addresses for future communications.
  • Always highlight any discounts, promotions, or special offers on your website, social media channels, and ad copy.
  • These ads are perfect for sending people to various sections of your website. Take advantage of this by experimenting with different images and pages to maximize ROI.
  • It’s the most effective way to drive more traffic to your hotel’s website. These advertisements are an effective way to attract new guests to your hotel’s website or booking engine.

Hotel Facebook ads posted by Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa, utilize a single-click approach to direct audiences to their website pages.

Similarly, Bellagio Las Vegas ads employ the same tactic to drive traffic to their website with just one click.

With website click advertisements, you have the flexibility to direct traffic to any specific page on your website. This choice allows you to control the focus and intensity of your campaign. Depending on your goals and strategy, you can be more aggressive by sending visitors directly to key pages, such as product listings or promotional offers. This targeted approach maximizes the chances of conversion and achieving your campaign objectives.

Website click advertisements provide the option to send traffic directly to any page on your website, depending on how aggressive you want your campaign to be.

 Here given a options of the destination where you want to show your ad.

Combine these campaigns with a Meta Pixel to track success and optimize accordingly. Improve your chances of success by experimenting with different ad copy types and call-to-action buttons to see which combinations generate the most engagement and money.

Facebook Conversion Ads

Facebook advertising for hotels and Conversion advertising allows you to acquire as many conversions as possible while staying within your budget.

With Meta Pixel implementation, you may track significant events that people perform on your website. Contact form submissions, hotel searches, and booking purchases are just a few of the behaviors you can track and use to improve your Facebook ad distribution.

Shown below is a Facebook ad from Marriott International, which they are using  to convert potential clients.

facebook targeting for hotels

When it comes to Facebook marketing for hotels, based on the conversion event you’ve selected to optimize for, Facebook will tailor ad distribution to persons in your target demographic who are more likely to convert to your website for that specific event.

Schedule a Quick Call and learn how you can create an advertisement for your home improvement business.

Get back to the people who interacted with your Ads or visited the website but didn't convert!!

In the last stage of Facebook advertising for hotels, it is critical to maximize the efficacy of your marketing campaigns. Once you’ve started generating leads through Facebook advertising for hotels, retargeting potential guests beyond the Facebook and Instagram platforms is a strong way to increase conversions.

For example, rather than focusing entirely on enticing new visitors, consider targeting returning customers or those who have expressed interest in your hotel but have yet to book. Tailoring communication and offers to target audiences can greatly enhance conversion rates, especially when employing effective Facebook marketing for hotels.

It’s critical to recognize that not every person who sees your ad will immediately make a booking. This is a typical occurrence, and the key to increasing conversions is remarketing efforts. By retargeting people who have interacted with your ads or visited your website, you can efficiently guide them through the booking process and eventually increase bookings for your hotel through strategic Facebook marketing for hotels.

Retargeting, or showing another ad to persons who did not take action first, is crucial. Here’s what you should do.

Setup Custom Audiences:

Create a targeted audience for visitors to your landing page (where contact information is collected).

Create a separate custom audience for people who visited the landing page or thank you page (after providing their information).

Objective: Show advertisements to those who visited the landing page but did not complete the form.

Tip for Facebook Advertising for hotels:-

  • When retargeting, use a different ad from the original one.
  • Consider including testimonials, videos of satisfied customers, or further advertising messages.

Prerequisite of Doing Facebook Advertising for Hotels

1. Facebook Business Profile: A Facebook Business Profile is essential for running Facebook Ads. Through your Business Profile, you can create and manage ads, access insights and analytics, and engage with your audience.

2. Plan Landing Page/Instant Form Information:

  • Decide on the landing page or use FB’s Lead Generation option.
  • Create a form with specific questions to filter out the quality leads.
  • Attach Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy page in the form and on the landing page.

3. High-resolution Photos and Videos of Your Property, Nearby Scenic Destinations, etc.: Compelling visual content is key to capturing the attention of potential guests on Facebook. High-resolution photos and videos showcasing your property’s rooms, facilities, dining options, and nearby attractions can help create a positive impression and entice viewers to learn more or book a stay. 

4. Budget:- Your budget determines how much you are willing to spend on advertising, as well as the reach and frequency of your adverts, you can efficiently reach your target demographic while increasing the return on your advertising expenditure.

Transform Your Hotel Business with Facebook advertising strategies

Facebook advertising for hotels does not have to be difficult, as our four-step method proves.


If you have ambitious growth goals, you can pursue more advanced techniques (which is where our full hotel marketing solutions come in).


However, this technique is an excellent beginning point.

To summarize quickly…..

Create Facebook advertising for hotel accounts and ad campaigns, and define marketing objectives that resonate with your target audience while providing great value with low hassle.

Adopt the simple targeting parameters indicated here, and after you’re comfortable, try out additional behavioral targeting options.

Create an outstanding ad that prompts your prospects to take action.

Utilize custom audiences to retarget folks who interacted with your offer but did not convert initially.

That’s all it takes, and employing a Facebook advertising for a hotel strategy like this can transform your hotel business!

Are you interested in having us manage your Facebook advertising for hotels? Schedule a 15-minute demo call to learn how we can help you grow your business with Facebook. We specialize in optimizing ad campaigns specifically tailored for the hotel industry. Wondering how to run meta ads for hotel industry? We’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any style and size of the hotel, as well as other lodging providers such as bed & breakfasts, vacation rentals, serviced apartments, resorts, or hostels, can effectively promote their offers with Facebook Ads.

You can generate leads for your hotel business by optimizing your website for search engines, using social media marketing, running special deals, partnering with local businesses, attending travel expos, and collecting client reviews to establish trust.

Typically, tracking the success of your Facebook Ads for a month provides a thorough idea of their effectiveness.

A critical part of increasing the efficacy of Facebook Ads is diligent setup. By carefully following each step and setting up your advertisements.
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